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Titleist WedgeWorks: Vokey Signature Series


Bob Vokey has worked with many players that learned to utilize the 56° in a variety of conditions, with different face angles to create every shot necessary around the green. There are still many players that prefer a single wedge for all shots, and Bob set out to craft the ultimate 56° wedge. The Vokey Signature 56° wedge (VOKEY SIGNATURE SERIES – 56.12), featuring 12° of bounce, has been hand-ground to provide shot versatility in a variety of positions and conditions. This includes heel, toe, and trailing edge relief for use in the open, square, or toe-down positions for any shot around the green. The pre-worn leading edge provides clean turf interaction on full and partial shots. This wedge features a Diamond LC finish, providing a dark, gunmetal finish highlighting the unique, hand-ground shape and Bob’s signature with incredible durability.

“It’s the ultimate 56°. When I was learning about wedges from some of the best short game players, they could manipulate the face to execute all the shots they needed. This wedge was inspired by those players, with a sole shape to enable a variety of shots.” – Bob Vokey

Bob hand-ground 50 unique wedges that will be available exclusively on Vokey.com while supplies last. All custom options including shaft, grip, ferrule, and shaftband are available at no extra charge. *Aerotech Steel Fiber shaft not included.

Source: Vokey Wedges

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