US Kids Golf World Championships - Eighteen Under Par

US Kids Golf World Championships

From August 1 to August 3, the US Kids Golf World Championship will be held at Pinehurst Resort at Pinehurst, North Carolina! This event is “the largest and most prestigious event in the world for players 12 and under” and more than 1,200 participants come from across the world to take part! You may recall our previous post on “The Short Game,” a film that follows the lives of eight of the best 7-year old golfers in the world as they train for and compete in this very Championship! We have also featured other young phenoms before, such as Guan TianLang, Ye Wocheng, Ethan Chung and Zach Adams!


The game is taken quite seriously by many young golfers and with the abundance of talent, it’s great to see the US Kids Golf World Championship give an opportunity for these kids to hone their skills on a big stage! But like all major tournaments, the US Kids Golf World Championships requires players to qualify and this is done through various World Championship Qualifiers, Local Tours, European and Regional Championships, and performance in previous World Championships. The top finishers in the US Kids Golf World Championship will also get an opportunity to compete in the World Cup, held just a day after the US Kids Golf World Championship concludes! In the World Cup, the top finishing players will form two teams, U.S. and International, and compete in a Match Play competition! Each of the World Cup competitors will receive a U.S. Kids Golf World Cup golf bag but the winners will also receive replica of the World Cup trophy! With the game growing among the next generation, especially in places like China, competition in this tournament will be fierce for years to come!

Source: US Kids Golf

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