Junior Golfer Ethan Chung - Eighteen Under Par

Junior Golfer Ethan Chung


There are many golf instructional videos out there on the Internet but many of them makes the game seem more complicated than they really are! Ethan Chung, a junior golfer out of San Jose, California, has started his own series of instruction videos. They are short, simple and to the point! All this from an 11 year old!

Ethan started the game of golf when he was three and a half years old. Ever since, he’s been in love with the game and aspire to be a PGA tour player when he grows up. Aside from participating in the monthly tournament at Santa Teresa Junior Golf Club in San Jose, CA, Ethan started to compete in the Callway Junior World and U.S. Kids Golf World Championships. As seen in some of the pictures on his website, Ethan seems to have achieved some success in his golf career so far. For a game that seems so easy to Ethan, he applies it extremely well in his short instructional videos. Even Kelly Tilghman of the Golf Channel approves! And as Ethan says in his videos, if he can do it, you can do it too! Here’s a sample of one of his videos, titled “Avoid Chunking.”

Source: EthanChung.com

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