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About Us


Welcome to EighteenUnderPar!

EighteenUnderPar is a digital magazine for golf, lifestyle and culture. Our mission is to be an one-stop destination for our audience who is looking for the most up to date golf-related information. EighteenUnderPar will showcase the globalization and continued growth of the sport of golf.  

From golf courses around the world to different golf equipment, fashion and trends, EighteenUnderPar hopes to bridge the gap between the different golf cultures / marketplace currently existing around the world.  

The influx of international players on the PGA and LPGA tour is evidence that the game of golf is becoming a global game.  EighteenUnderPar will be an essential source of information for this exciting change.  Be sure to keep up with us to stay ahead of the curve! Make sure to follow us on Twitter @18UnderParGolf and “Like” us on Facebook!